In this free virtual event, I will show you...

How Women Over 40  Can Launch Their Own Successful Business Without Feeling Overwhelmed by the Challenges of Entrepreneurship even if they have NEVER been in business before!

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Does This Seem Familiar To You?

The Spark of Ambition

"I'm so excited to start this journey. I've got so many ideas, & I just know one of them is going to be a hit. This is my time to shine!"

The DIY Determination

"Okay, this is harder than I thought, but I'm learning so much! I'll figure it out on my own, piece by piece. Giving up is not an option."

The Brink of Burnout

"I've tried everything I can think of, and nothing's working. I'm exhausted, frustrated, & starting to wonder if it's worth it."

The Sour Departure

"I gave it my all, and it just wasn't enough. It's time to accept that this path isn't for me. I'm heartbroken, but I need to move on."

Time to get it right, join your success team, and learn our proven system!

What YOU will learn in this virtual event...


Learn how to leverage your life experiences and wisdom to redefine your professional path and achieve success in your business so that it truly fulfills you!


Explore the transformative power of hypnosis in breaking through mental barriers to focus and align your mindset with your life goals!


Gain world class strategies and insights on how to establish yourself as a confident, influential leader in your field, regardless of your starting point!

Who is Amy Emme?

Amy Emme is a dynamic leader with over twenty years of experience in empowering individuals to reach their highest potential. She transformed her local archery shop into a global training center, leveraging her business acumen and Olympic coaching skills to guide individuals toward success. As a certified hypnotist, business strategist, and mental toughness coach, Amy creates customized programs that enhance resilience and focus, helping clients outshine their competition.

Her impactful presentations provide expert success strategies, earning her a spot alongside top speakers like Tony Robbins and Les Brown. Dedicated to empowering women over 40 through On Target For Success, Amy offers tailored support to help them start and grow businesses using their wisdom. Living in Florida with her family and dog Tala, Amy’s vibrant spirit and insightful guidance make her an inspiring partner for achieving unparalleled success.

Here's How The 'Profit From Your Wisdom' Has Helped Some Of Our Clients

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This Event is for you if...

  • You have passion & want to turn it into a profitable business!

  • You are ready to get out of you JOB and get on with living, & don't know how!

  • You want to create and sell impactful online courses that make a difference!

  • You want to sell consulting or coaching (1-2-1 or group) services that inspire!

  • You want to elevate your freelance or service-based business to new heights!

  • You want to Charge AT LEAST $1,000+ for your valuable skills and knowledge!

  • ​You're Ready To Take Bold Steps Towards YOUR Success Right NOW!


  • What Are The Dates & Times Of The Event?

    Tuesday 11am EST - 12pm EST

  • What Do I Need To Bring?

    This is going to be one jam packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

  • Will There Be A Replay?

    Yes, there will be replays of this event. You will be sent a special link after the event